12.03.2018 - 16.03.2018

      Our first Learning Teaching Training Activity (C1) took place in Italy, Rimini city. We were very happy to meet the Erasmus+ team from Centro Educativo Italo Svizzero, as well to be reunited with our partners from the other partner countries.

     Turkey, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece are together again, in order to evaluate the current progress and establish the next steps that need to be taken.

     During the five days of our Learning Teaching Training activity, the main agenda had the following important points:

  • We meet  Italy Erasmus+ team;
  • Power Point Presentation of every partner city;
  • Every partner showed a traditional kindergarten game that was played by italian studens;
  • We discussed in detail the teaching methods used by every partner country in their work with special students, with different problems, like: ADHD, autism, lack of attention, cerebral paralysis, learning difficulty;
  •  -We observed how teachers from CEIS are integrating special students during normal classes. 
  •   We visited "IL VOLLO" kindergarten in Rimini and the "Ladybug" school;
  •   Seminars were given to teachers on the following themes: 
  • a) School systems and interventions with disabled children in partner countries; 
  • b) Disabled children and relationship with parents; 
  • c) Autistic children at school 
  • d) Educational strategies in the presence of behavior problems at school 
  •  Sharing future commitments, discussing future local activities 
  •  We established the period for TPM2, in Bulgaria / Sofia, in 23.10.2018 - 25.10.2018, as planned in approved form (October / Bulgaria) 
  • We meet the pedagogical specialists in education from Rimini and the Vicemayor of Rimini.