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         Our project is dedicated to all the children and, above all, to special children. Together, we want to encourage the inclusion of the children with disabilities or learning difficulties in the mass educational system, among healthy children, in order to create a beautiful rainbow of diversity, a warm and welcoming environment where each child is appreciated for his qualities, talent and for his uniqueness.

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       The school Mehmet Akif Ersoy İlkokulu was founded in 1988. Today it has 20 classrooms, 405 students and 25 teachers+staff. It is located in the first education Region in the city Aydın.  The educational level is increasing continuously in the school and technological devices are used widely. A strong collaboration with the parents and local authorities was built through extracurricular activities:  guidance seminars, folk dances, chess contests, theatrical plays, vocal choirs, courses (Knitting, Handicraft and Stitch Embroidery)  and projects (Balance in Food, Hand in hand with parents, Nutrition Friend School, White Flag).    

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       "Dumbrava Minunata" Kindergarten Fieni, founded in 1976, represents a second home for children with age between 2 and 7 years. Our team is composed of  15 preschool teachers, one psycho-pedagogical counselor, one speech therapist plus 8 persons dedicated to children care and administration. We collaborate with one English teacher and one modern dance teacher. We have a good relationship with the community and other kindergartens and schools in the area.

        Main objectives:
- forming a positive self image in children;
- acceptance of cultural and ethnic diversity;
- help children discover their inner strength and talents;
- encourage pupils have a good relation and collaboration with colleagues;
- awake pupils interests in other countries knowledge, customs and culture;
- help special needs children integrate in the collective of pupils and have a normal life and friends.

      Local Projects: "The Friends of Nature", "Different Children, Special Children", "Talking Library", "Small Pedestrians".

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1st Special Nursery School of Patras

      The 1st Special Nursery school of Patras is a school setting for children with special needs, aged from 4 to 7 years old. Namely, here are pupils with learning difficulties, mental problems, autism and other handicaps. Also, the school setting is situated in a socio-economic disadvantaged area. It's in a poor neighborhood and many of the students are children of unemployed parents or/and immigrants.   

      A core area in the Curriculum of the Special Nursery Schools of Greece, is the part that has to do with the right of all children to receive equal education. The start point in teaching core curriculum subjects as: auditory memory, fine coordination, match, sensory education, hands-on experiences can eliminate the obstacles for the special children to be educated equally. We have a good experience on the subject of the application, as we teach equality every year and we have a lot of educational materials related to this subject. Yet, it is more to learn from each other through  projects and exchange good practices.

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      CEIS is a private school that offers a public service.
    Ceis (Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, ITALY), is a School born in 1947 in Rimini.
    The aim of the school is to educate children, in particular those affected by disabilities or having social and family problems, often excluded by the educational process.
   In Nursery School (Kindergarten) there are 112 children and 15 teachers and educators. We have three mixed groups, called "Aula Rossa, Aula Gialla e Aula Verde", of 28 children each: in each group there is a SEN child and, possibly, an extra child with severe disability who requires an educator all through the school day.
    In each mixed group there are children of the three different age groups: 3, 4, and 5 years old. The teachers of Ceis have always been free to discuss and choose among techniques, materials, aids they find useful for their work, in this way are always used innovative methods of teaching.
   Ceis is deeply convinced that inclusive education brings to a better education for all: teachers who are sensitive to the Special Educational Needs (SEN) of some students can develop more "strategies" to teach everyone, they study more (to know many ways or approaches), discuss more (to correct, exchange, try something different or new), feel more involved.

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CDG141 Slaveykova polyana


      Slaveikova polyana  it is situated in the centre of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. There are 8 teachers and 135 students in 4 groups and one pre-school group. The age of the students is between 3 and 7.
    Here, children are receiving excellent training in all cultural - educational fields, according to the state educational requirements of Ministry of Education. The pedagogical and medical staff is highly qualified and with rich professional experience. Our primary goal is to develop qualities in children-oriented success in first grade.